Sunzoo planters fit railings of any shape or size between 4 and 10 cm (just over
1½ and slightly under 4 in.) wide.

Sunzoo planters love the outdoors. They can handle sun, rain, cold weather and even snow. To ensure that we’re doing our part for their real-life counterparts, all Sunzoo products and their packaging are made of sustainable, recycled materials.

Yes! We offer a three-year guarantee on our products.

Not at all! We think your Sunzoo should be love at first sight, and complicated assembly would put a real damper on that. All our Sunzoo planters are easy to put together and take apart, and require no screws or extra parts or tools. All you have to do is snap the parts together, and you’re done!

Sunzoo planters were made to fly—yes, even Dawin the Dodo! Every planter comes with two smart fasteners that keep it steady and hold it safely in place.

Kids love Sunzoo, and Sunzoo loves kids. That’s why we made sure that every planter is completely stable and safe for kids to assemble and be around.

You bet. Every Sunzoo planter can be drained in an easy-peasy way: just pull out the two drainage plugs, and replace after draining.

We’re all about novelty, uniqueness and bringing life and color to everything we touch. We think there’s a hidden Sunzoo inside every one of you—man or woman, girl or boy—and we’re here to help you bring it out. So… which Sunzoo are you?

Sunzoo planters were designed to be two in one, giving you the option to choose if you want it with legs on your deck, patio, floor, and cetera, or if on the rail. It is necessary for the planter to be with a bump and divided into 2 sections, allowing you to have the option to put your planter on a rail. That allows Those who live in high buildings without space in the house and don’t have gardens to enjoy Sunzoo design planters by putting the planter on the rail.

You can plant any types of planters indoor or outdoor related, due to our easy and unique drainage system, you will control when and where you want to drain the planters Sunzoo design as a rail planters, hence they are divided into two sides with, you can choose to plant 6 plants (3 in each size), 4 plants (2 in each side) or 2 plants ( 1 in each side) the sizes are: 6 = quart 4.5-5”dia each, 4 = 1 gallon 6-7”dia each, 2= 2 gallon 8.5-9” dia each

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